Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6-month-old: Week 3

**source: www.babycenter.com

Soon your baby may let you know that he's ready to try eating finger foods by grabbing the spoon you're feeding him with or snatching food off your plate.  
        <alya suke berebut sudu ngan mama...cebuk je nk suap sndiri..hehe>

Scatter four or five pieces of finger food onto your baby's highchair tray or an unbreakable plate. (To reduce the risk of choking, have your baby eat while sitting upright in a highchair rather than reclined in a car seat or stroller.)
<alya xdok atas highchair pun...letak dlm bouncher dier jer>

Your baby may have a good appetite but not many teeth, so start with foods that he can gum or that will dissolve easily in his mouth. As he grows you'll be able to give him bite-size pieces of whatever you're eating.
<mama suap alya porridge + puree carrot...next week nk tuka puree brokoli laks..itu pun klo baba beli la..pity my girl asyik mkn 'carrot porridge' je>

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Ummi Iman said...

Awal juga makan bubur, iman makan nestum :) ummi dia rajin sgt ;) tu yg skrg kurang pandai makan lg.

NoEn said...

@Ummi Iman owh..sy buat bubur baby...mmg dh aim awal2 mama nk masak untuk alya..no instant food for alya ;)