Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quiz: 6month

Quizes from www.babycenter.com
jom ramai2 kite jwb soaln kuiz ni...

1. Where does your baby sleep?
A) In her crib, cradle, basinet, or side-sleeper
B) In our bed
C) It varies
<of course la alya sleep with mama...mama bleh hug2 alya..>

2. Do you enjoy being a parent
A) Yes
B) No
C) Sometimes
<yes i am..for sure i enjoy being a parent...sooo meaningful>

3. Have you changed to formula from breastfeeding?
A) Yes, I've made a complete switch to formula
B) Partially -- I'm supplementing with formula
C) No, I'm exclusively breastfeeding
<nope...never2...alhamdulillah till dis day alya still breastfeed...insyaallah will continue till 2yo>

4. When did your baby first grab her feet and play with them?
A) Before 14 weeks
B) 14 to 16 weeks
C) 17 to 19 weeks
D) 20 to 22 weeks
E) 23 to 25 weeks 
F) We're still waiting
<alamak...mama dh lupe la ble alya grab her leg...xrecord pn..huhu =(>

5. Does your baby have a bedtime routine?
A) Yes 
B) No
<yes...alhamdulillah alya stick ngan bedtime routine dia around 8pm...tp ade je time dia wat perangai xnk tdo..nk main>

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Ummi Iman said...

Ada ambil gambar iman pegang kaki. Kena tgk gambar baru ingat date ;)