Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The advantages of breastfeeding

i would like to share with moms out there the article about benefits of breastfeeding..actually there are lots of benefits when we breastfeed our baby..so please take a look some of them

• Breastfeeding requires no preparation, no heating, no bottles or dishes you have to wash.            
   -absolutely agree with this statement...the milk is ready made and ready to serve to the baby anytime and anywhere.

• It's free; and formula isn't cheap. 
   -100% free and can't be sold anywhere neither at shop behind your house nor at the biggest store in the world..only you can produce the best milk for your baby

• Breastmilk never runs out and you never have to deal with leftovers. 
   -demand versus supply...high demand more supply...as long as your baby need the milk your body will produce it.

• Breastfeeding is good for you, giving you a chance to bond with the baby. 
    -love this moment  =)

• Breastfeeding is good for your baby. Breastmilk contains the perfect blend of nutrients. Breastfed babies have a much lower tendency than formula-fed babies do to develop food allergies and respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses, and they are less likely to become obese as adults. Breastfed babies can also become immune to the same diseases their mothers are immune to.  
   - insyaallah  

• Breastfed babies' nappies don't smell as bad. Breastfed babies produce movements (stools) that smell almost sweet, especially when compared to the poo produced by formula-fed babies. 
   -sometimes the poooo smell soooo sweet =D..i like

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