Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pakai baju

ihiks..tatau nk tulis ape
pic speaks more than words
so..layan jo lah gambar ni yer

tada..dh siap pakai bju..fuhhhhh berpeluh baba pakaikan bju alya.. =p
~pissttt...besarkan gigi kapak saya??...hehe~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Myths of Breast Feeding

One of the problems you will have to cope with when you are breast feeding, or planning to, is that many people will give you different, sometimes conflicting advice and information about breast feeding. As a result, most women may have queries about breast feeding. The commonly asked questions are: 

1. Is it true that if my breasts do not enlarge during pregnancy, or if I have small breasts, I will not be able to breast feed
    --> Not true. Many women will not notice any change in their breasts but will breast feed successfully. Breast size has nothing to do with success in breast feeding.

2. Is it true that if l do not produce colostrum during pregnancy, I will be unable to produce milk?

    --> Not true. Many women produce colostrum only after birth, and will feed perfectly well.

3. Will the milk ducts become blocked if I do not express colostrum during pregnancy?

    --> No. The milk will usually flow even if colostrum has not been expressed. But it may be necessary to express breast milk for storage after birth, so it is useful to learn how it is done.

4. If my baby has to go to the Special Care Baby Unit, can / breast feed him?

    --> Yes, definitely. A baby in "Special Care" needs breast milk more than ever. Tell the Special Care staff that you wish to breast feed. If baby cannot suckle, they will show you how to express milk so that it can be given to him.

5. Are there any foods that I should avoid?
     --> It is usually safe to eat your normal foods.

6. Could my milk be too weak for my baby?

    --> No. Once the milk has "come in", it may sometimes change in appearance, varying from creamy to watery. This is perfectly normal.

7. Is it possible that my milk could dry up?

    --> This can happen, but is less likely if you allow the baby to suckle when he wants to, if you can remain calm and relaxed, eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of rest.

8. Should I involve my husband in caring for the baby?

    --> Yes, right from the start. Discuss together how you will feed the baby.

9. Will breast feeding spoil my breasts?

    --> No. When women lose their bustline after childbirth, it is nearly always because they have let their muscles supporting their breasts become over-stretched. If you want to keep your figure, wear a good supporting bra and do some exercises to strengthen the chest muscles.

10. Can I breast feed after a caesarian section?

    --> You can still cuddle and feed your baby soon after delivery, though you will need help. You will have to lie in bed for the first few hours, but will be encouraged to get up and move around soon after, to promote healing.

11. Should I feed my baby at night? 

      --> It is better to let the baby feed at night as long as he wants to. The easiest way is to let the baby sleep with you so that he can breast feed without disturbing you. Breast feeding at night gives your baby extra time for sucking. This helps to keep up the milk supply and if you are away for part of the day, your baby can get much of the milk he needs at night.

12. Should I give my baby water or glucose water or fruit juices?

      --> For the first 4 - 6 months, your baby does not need any other feed or fluid except breast milk. Even after delivery, before your milk comes in, your baby does not need extra water as a normal baby is born with a store of water which keeps him hydrated until the milk comes in.

13. Can I still breast feed with an inverted nipple? 

      --> Yes. Remember that babies do not nipple feed; they breast feed! So right from the very first feed, encourage your baby to take a large mouthful of breast. As your baby feeds, he will draw the nipple out by his sucking action.

If you have any doubts about breast feeding, do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or nurse at the nearest health facility.

***source: nutriweb.org

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Homemade baby food recipe (Part3)

okayy 2day i wanna share 3 baby food recipes that i made last weeken to my lovely doter..
resepi pertama adalah

1cwn kacang peas(fresh or frozen)
1cwn carrot

1. kukus peas~bg yg frozen masak spt yg disarankan pembekal~ 
2. buang kulit carrot, potong dadu, then kukus/rebus
3. blend halus kacang peas~takut perut bb susah nk hadam kulit dia..klo nk buang kulit dlu b4 blend pn boleh~
4. campurkan carrot kedlm blender n blend kasar
~peas & carrot yg siap d blend~

1cwn air
1cwn apple
1cwn chicken breast

1. potong dadu/kecik2 apple&chicken breasts
2. masukkan air, apple, chicken breast ke dlm saucepan.(biarkan menggelegak)
3. kecilkn api n simmer for 20min or sehingga ayam masak..
4. chop or puree as needed ur baby's texture preferences.

CHICKEN CASSEROLE ~versi mama alya
1sudu vegetable oil
1ulas bwg putih
1/2 cwn carrot
1/2 cwn potato 
1/2 cwn ubi keledek
1 cwn chicken breasts
1cwn air

1. panaskan veg.oil add bwng putih&carrot, biarkan seketika
2. add ayam, kacau rata
3. add potatoes n keledek then cover with water
4. tutup & simmer for 15mins
5. chop or puree as needed ur baby's texture preferences.

chicken casserole ni sgt sedap..mama dia pun terliur nak tumpang sekaki time suapkan alya..hehe~~
ok kawan2 dan ibu2 selamat mencuba... :D

***since alya dh ad 4batang gg so mkanan dia pun dh b'texture sedikit kasar

<to be continue...>

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


i woke up at 4 am for the purpose to finish my niece tuition bag / 'bag sekolah' that i promised her when she came to my house last week...and i manage to finish it..yeah..kerja keras okk!!!

i made the reversible tuition bag so that she can tukar2 the bag when she getting bored..how was it?for me the bag slightly big but my niece is 'comel+bam2' orgnye so i guess the bag suits to her...
as a bonus for her, i made this

~zippers pencil case (front&back)~
got the idea to sew this zipper pencil case when i see the tutorial from AdikManis..thanks ya AdikManis..love this pencil case :D and i hope SARAH will love these bag&pencil case too ^_^
~bag&pencil case ni dh selamat sampai ke tuan empunya~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


after about 10min pumping, i turned of my S3 & oh my GOD!!!my milk turns pink..yes PINK!!!
my 'nek' (right) was injured...i didn't realized it at all.. didn't feel hurt..as normal i just pump n pump n after finished it i saw my milk turns to pink...
~2from left were evening session n the other 2 were morning session~
my 'nek' was injured bcoz my lil alya turns to lil draculla d night b4..huhu
when i did my routine pumping schedule in the morning, i felt a little bit hurt but i dont aspect that my 'nek' injured n don't check the color of the milk b4 i store it in d fridge..i realized it during the evening pumping...
i have to throw out 8oz from the milk..soooo SAD!!!
few days b4 that i read HanaSeman's blog about bloody milk..
as a result today i have to learn how to hand expressing...sooo tired ok!!!because i never learn b4 n never hand expressing b4...i just hand expressing the right side n the left side my S3 do her job as usual :D

moral of the story, be ware of your lil DRACULLA...HAHAHA

Saturday, December 18, 2010


dh lapuk/berkulat dh cerita nih..tp saje jer nk bgtau jgk yg breastfeeding Support Group Meeting penah dianjurkan di terengganu tuk pertama kalinya oleh 
TARIKH: 4/12/2010 (kn aku dh ckp sgm nih dh lps lame)
MASA: 10.00-1.00

Best join SGM ni sbb ilmu bleh dpt dr c2 spt cr betul bb menyusu, etc psl breastfeed ni..best tau..next time hope ad lg n byk lg bleh dp'baiki terutama communication antara peserta..hari tuh cam malu2 g2 nk tnye soalan n xde pn sesi suai kenal antara peserta nih..pastu cam formal jerk sbb tu kot sume malu2..(huh byk komen sungguh aku ni)
jom lyn gambar
~penerangan drpd puan jasmeen (LC)~

~pn jasmeen tgh m'jawab soaln drpd para peserta~

~en.wan pun join jgk..full support drpd en.wan tuk mama alya fully bf alya..tq ya en.wan :D~

Monday, December 13, 2010

Homemade baby food recipe (Part2)

11/12/10 genap usia alya 8bln..pg td pegi klinik timbang berat alya 8.2kg..
alya dh bleh stat makan protein..so smlm aku buatkn alya fish puree n fried bananas.

1. mula2 masak (kukus/rebus) ikan(ikan tenggiri~nk gune ikn lain pn bleh)
2. asingkan tulang
3. blend (tambah sedikit plain water/air rebusan ikan td) sehingga smooth 
4. campurkan kedlm bubur bb & selebihnya bleh ler dibekukan

bhn2 yg diperlukan :~pisang, 1 tbs butter, 1inch kulit kayu manis
1. buang kulit pisang
2. potong kecik2

3. panaskan butter di dalam kuali, masukkan pisang&kulit kayu manis (kacau rata sehingga masak and mash it)

~kulit kayu manis tu buang la ye~
4.sedia tuk dihidang...~nyummy3..sgt sedap dan seperti biasa yg selebihnye dibekukan

aku msk sendiri bekalan alya di umah 'mok' dia...xsusah pn sbb sume lauk n beras dh ready (wat time weekend) cume setiap pagi aku msk bubur dicampur dgn lauk pauk yg tlh sedia dan masukkan saja bubur itu kedalam food flusk. (^_^)
~ihsan en.google~
<to be continue...>

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cloth Diaper

Starting ramadhan 1431 or August 2010(alya 4bln) bermula la episod pemakaian modern Cloth Diapers(CD) alya...wah almost 5month dh alya berCD...mula2 tu mmg aku psg niat nk pakai lampin tuk alya(aku pencinta alam sekitar).. konon2nye la kan pakai lampin cam mak2 kite pakaikan kt kite dlu..siap beli byk tu napkin yg 4segi tuh..huhu tp niat jelah..xbuat pun sbb cam leceh je kn..mase tu xbrp thu sgt pasal adneye kain lampin moden nih..pas2 tgk kt magazine,godek2 kt tenet, owh ad kain lampin moden yg practical la tuk ibu bekerja nih :D
ish..mahal la plk kos 1lampin tuh..RM40++ tu..hmm xpe2 nanti akan ku kumpul duit tuk beli CD2 itu...
ckp2,pujuk2,bodek2 en.wan suh dia belikan alya CD n alhamdulillah en.wan amat supportive(i lap u very much la) dia setuju ngan my idea tuk CDkn alya...mula2 kami beli 5dlu, sbb klo nk beli byk terus cam kopak la duit mak..uhuk2..aku tanamkn azam nk fully cd alya(also fully bf) dan sekarang kami m'punyai 15 koleksi CD...sumenye dr LUNATOTS..ntah la both of us mmg dh jatuh centa kat CD LUNATOTS nih..ad gaks niat nk beli jenama lain tp ble dh tgk2 cam LUNATOTS punye cd gaks yg b'kenan kt jiwa kami(button jer yg velcro blum b'jaya menambat hati kami)..hehe (lunatots xbyr tau aku promote dia punye cd nie)
alya dan koleksi2 cdnya..xsemua cd alya ad kat cni...
selebihnye dlm baldi(xbasuh lg ;D)

alya shebok nk kemas CD 
sume colour kat atas tu ad dlm koleksi 
CD alya kecuali 11
CDs impian mama alya...
(baba alya tolong tunaikan impian mama alya pleazzzz)

Monday, December 6, 2010

dah sampai...

barang yang ku tunggu2 telah sampai tgh hari semalam...
beli kat SINI tanpa pengetahuan incik suami(dh confirm order br bgtau en.wan)..hahaha...serius kat kedai MAY ni byk betul pilihan fabric yg cun2..rse cam nk beli semuanye

cute transportation panel tu nk wat story book alya, dh gunting2 dh pn mlm td cume batting tuk nk wat story book tu gebu2 xde ler..so kIV dlu sehingga ku ketemu batting itu...hehehe..
yang sweet cherry n berry tu xtau nk wat pe..saje je beli sbb lawa+murah..main rembat jer..ad cadangan x nk wat pe??wat dress tuk alya pun ok gak kn..nursing cover pn ok..beg pn ok..adoi..nk wat pe ni???tlg2 pleaseeee

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homemade baby food recipe (Part1)

Pagi td kan i have cit~chat with my old friend puan nani pasal brestfeeding n solid food for baby...toing kuar idea ni ler mase nk post recepi yg aku dh buat tuk alya..lame dh idea tu terperap tp x ter'post' sbb xde mase..bz ma kalah PM tu
ok kiter citer dlu secara kasar method nak wat homemade baby food..

1. Untuk pengenalan pertama solid food kpd baby disarankan kenalkan plain porridge dlu..seminggu sekali then 3X seminggu, 2X seminggu, 1X sehari, 2X sehari, 3X sehari...berperingkat2 k..xdela perut baby yg kocik itu terkejut...
2. then lepastu leh ler add on puree(vegie+fruit) dlm bubur tu
3. Apply 4days rules tuk tgk adakah our baby allergic tuk makanan tersebut
4. then br leh campur puree2 tersebut tuk mevariasikan makanan bb anda =D 
cth: puree bayam+carrot, keledek+brokoli, bayam+brokoli+keledek, bayam+carrot+keledek+brokoli, etc (mengikut citarasa & creativity anda =D)
5. Ble bb dh besar sket (7or8mth) bleh ler campurkan lauk2 lain such as isi ikan, ayam, etc...tp make sure bb under 1yo no sugar no salt...biar lidah bb kita ni biasa dgn rasa asli mkanan tersebut...

Ok tuk resepi pertama hari ini adalah:
1. Mula2 kupas kulit carrot, lepas tu cuci and potong dadu
2. Kukus potongan dadu tersebut sehingga masak or lembut(nak rebus pun bleh tp letak air sikit shj)
3. Blend (tambah sedikit plain water tuk menyenangkan proses mem'blend'
4. boleh ambil sedikit tuk dicampurkan kedalam bubur bb anda. Selebihnye boleh disimpan n difrozkan..(sy guna ice-cube tray tuk simpan puree ni..ble nk msk next time amik je 1 or 2 cube n campurkan kedlm bubur bb)senangkan =)

puree carrot sblm dimasukkan kedalam freezer

puree keledek yang telah difrozkan dan diasingkan drpd ice-cube tray

puree apple and puree carrot hijau
saya ad sediakan beberapa puree dalam 1-1 masa untuk mevariasikan bubur my bb
antaranya puree keledek, potato, kurma, apple, brokoli, sawi, bayam, labu etc...
method tuk menyediakannye same saja...senangkan...frozen food ni leh tahan 1bln tp biasanye xsampai 2minggu dh abes...

Untuk bubur lak sy basuh beras 2or3 pot..basuh sampai bersih, sejatkan air sekejap n goreng tanpa minyak(nk make sure beras betul2 kering). Sejukkan then blend halus(kehalusan bergantung usia bb..ble bb mkn besar maka makin kasar la rice powder itu)...simpan dlm bekas tight-container...siap...

1. Masukkan air kedalam periuk kecil
2. Campurkan rice powder kedalam air td..kacau rata(make sure sentiasa kacau bg mengelakkan bubur jd tongkol2 or melekat)
3. Apabila bubur dh nk masak masukkan puree..kacau rata..
SIAPPP..ready tuk dimakan..nyummy3 (nak masak bubur ni xsampai 30min pun dh siap)

***aktiviti masak memasak ini ku lakukan dihujung minggu...senangkan :)
      ' say no to instant food'

<to be continue...>

xlayakkah aku???

yesterday i went to one of the famous farmacy at my place;

me    : kak, thermometer ad x?
seller : ada...(sambil menuju ke tempat terletaknye termometer)
           tampal kat dahi n tgk suhu kat garis line tu..
me    : err yang jenis lain xde? yg digital?
seller : oh klau nak yang tu mahal la...yang ni murah
me    : xpela nak tengok dlu yang tu
seller : yang G******n RM80, yang ear ni seratus lebih tp ad diskaun lg...
me    : (tanpa tunggu or pk lelama) sy nk yg ear thermometer..
seller : errk???betul ke nk yang ni?
me    : ye...
seller :ok..(wat muka confius)
          RM107.90 (thermometer+coolfever)..terima kasih ye
me    : same2

ape kaitan conversation kt atas ngan tajuk entry kali ni???
ni kali yang entah ke berapa kali everytime aku nk beli barang yg agak mahal sket kat town ni musti jurujual tu wat muka confius..cam aku ni xdak duit lak nk beli brg mhl..huhu..sadis kan???
awat??aku ni muka selebet sangat ke?ad tertulis ke kat dahi aku ni yang dlm akaun aku tu '0'?or aku kena pakai mekap tebal2,bawak handbag besor2 br aku ni ad duit???hangin betul la aku..kekadang tu layan aku endah x endah jer...w/pun aku pakai t-shirt n sluar jer, muka pn xtempek ape2 xb'makna aku xde duit..tul x???eh klo aku xde duit xde la aku g beli barang tuh..aku pn tau gak ukur bj di badan sendiri...tp yg wat aku confius nih kan peristiwa seperti kt atas tu b'laku kt town ni jer...ke mmg pesen org cni camni???erkkk..hanya ALLAH saja yang thu...sabar...