Tuesday, December 21, 2010


after about 10min pumping, i turned of my S3 & oh my GOD!!!my milk turns pink..yes PINK!!!
my 'nek' (right) was injured...i didn't realized it at all.. didn't feel hurt..as normal i just pump n pump n after finished it i saw my milk turns to pink...
~2from left were evening session n the other 2 were morning session~
my 'nek' was injured bcoz my lil alya turns to lil draculla d night b4..huhu
when i did my routine pumping schedule in the morning, i felt a little bit hurt but i dont aspect that my 'nek' injured n don't check the color of the milk b4 i store it in d fridge..i realized it during the evening pumping...
i have to throw out 8oz from the milk..soooo SAD!!!
few days b4 that i read HanaSeman's blog about bloody milk..
as a result today i have to learn how to hand expressing...sooo tired ok!!!because i never learn b4 n never hand expressing b4...i just hand expressing the right side n the left side my S3 do her job as usual :D

moral of the story, be ware of your lil DRACULLA...HAHAHA

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Huddy said...

Ada tips tuk banyakkan susu? Semenjak masuk kerja balik, kekerapan pam makin kurang. So, susu pun kurang. Dulu slalu rasa tingling let-won effect tu setiap 2jam, skg dah jarang sgt2.. :(

wanz said...

aku xpndai lak nk bg tips khusus..cume ape yg aku amal stakat ni..syukur susu xpenah susut..time ofic pam 3x perday,minum byk air kosong,amik supplement..tp supplement tu b'gantung atas org..

skrg alya dh mkn solid food, dia pn dh kurang susu time umah bs..so aku pump 2x jer lah..takut over supply laks..membazir kn klo susu tu xpired..

pastu time kat ofic tu selalu la belek2 pic alya..nk cetus letdown reflex..

yg penting ko jgn stress..sbb klo stress akn effect milk production ko..hehe

lg 1 klo bleh jgn skip waktu pump..stick dgn 1jadual mengepam ko..cth kul 10am, 1pm, 4pm

ehee..cubelah..ko masih fully bf kn aliyah??jgn give up k!!