Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blouse and pants

aha...this is my 1st attempt sew blouse and pants for my sweet daughter using my new overlock sewing machine...yippi..makes my job faster...muahhh..love u la en.singer

 i really like the baju (ups..masuk bakul angkat sendiri) but need to improve it...why??? normal la for the 1st timer mesti ade buat mistake kn??..its ok, practise make perfect!!
i sew the blouse slightly small if compared to the pants.. cam xbalance gitu..baju kecik seluar besar...huhu

yes!! of course it still fit my alya but i bet u it wont fit anymore for the next few weeks/month...mama xsedar pn ank mama dh besar..~ngeh~~
don't worry dear, mama will sew another blouse for you next time..~dalam pale ni byk sgt bende nk buat tuk alya~~

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