Thursday, March 3, 2011

Someone Is Missing

Someone is missing this cute girl. So this entry is special for the one who is missing alya.

Dear someone who is missing alya, attached here the latest photo of my dear baby. Do not hesitate to grab this photo and put it as your wallpaper. TQ

note: these pictures were taken when we were on the way to alya's babysitter's house this morning. Fresh from the oven lorrr. hopefully someone is missing alya will happy with those nice pose from my dear baby :)

3 ::ThoughT(s):: :

yuki- chan said...

besau dh si kecik nih...huahua
girly nye fesyen rmbt...huhu

NuReEn faRhaN said...

hehe..girly yer???br la xde dh org tanye boy ke girl??

yuki- chan said...

klo ad org tny lg ak mmg x tau nk kta gapo dh...huhu