Thursday, March 10, 2011

Milky Issues

Alhamdulillah di kala usia alya menginjak 11bulan, dia masih lagi minum susu yang tiada tandingannya, susu mama. Yang paling manis buat ku sekarang cinta hati mama itu sudah pandai mintak. Kalau dia lapar atau dahaga, dia akan selak baju dan akan sebut nak..nak..nak..itulah perkataan yang dia akan sebut klau nk ape2. hihi yg bezakan dia nk susu adlh apabila dia selak baju atau tudung. haaaa itu tandanya dia nk susu..pandai anak mama ni.

alya: mama, jangan kacau yer. alya sibuk ni
freezer setelah dikemas oleh alya..ngeh~~
alhamdulillah masih ada ruang dalam freezer ni untuk simpan next alya's ebm. 
terselit sekali lauk2 alya :)
Dah lama kan xcerita pasal bf. since sy ad baca pasal bf kat nutriweb, why don't i share it with mommies out there right?

The breastfeeding experience may be smooth for some mothers and rocky for others. do not be discouraged if you fine it a little tough. Being aware of the possible problems can help you anticipate them and handle them confidently.

Milky Issues:

Q: Why am I not producing more milk?
A: This may be due to not breastfeeding early or regularly enough. The solution is simple: feed baby whenever he is hungry. Breastfeed from both breasts and try not to let more than 2hours lapse between feeds. do not forget to relax whenever breastfeeding!

Milk production can also be affected by what you eat. To make sure you are eating right, this is what you do:
  • Eat balanced meals according to the Food Guide pyramid.
  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  • Take supplements only if advised by your doctor.
  • Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods.

Q: Help! my milk flow is diminishing!
A: Are you not letting baby suckle as frequently as he wants? Have you been breastfeeding only from one breast? did you start complementary feeding too soon? Have you reduced the frequency of breastfeed during baby's complementary feeding stage? Even being stressed or lacking confidence in your breastfeeding ability can cause your milk flow to diminish.

Q: Milk is leaking from my breasts.
A: Do not worry because breasts that leaks between feeds are proof of good milk supply. Here is more good news: leaking breasts actually help prevent engorgement!
To avoid embarrassing milk stains, wear nursing pads and change them frequently as wetness on skin may lead to soreness.

Q: Can I started to breastfeed again after having stopped for a period of time?
A: Yes you can. As often as possible, give your baby a chance to suck at the breast to stimulate milk production. do this patiently for several days and you will find that your breasts will begin to produce milk. Your doctor can also prescribe medication and certain foods to stimulate milk flow again.

Q: Can I still breastfeed if I've been giving my baby formula?
A: Most definitely! Discuss this with your doctor. He may prescribe some medications to stimulate your milk production. You can also talk to a lactation consultant who may be able to advice you on re-lactation.

Kesimpulannya there are no excuses not to breastfeed our baby. So...tepuk dada tanya selera.

Take Caution!
  • Limit tea and coffee as these may cause baby to become over-active.
  • Watch your alcohol intake as it can deplete your milk production.
  • Try not to consume traditional herbal preparations, particularly if baby is jaundiced or preterm.
  • Do not take medications that have not been prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not smoke or expose yourself and baby to second hand smoke as this can reduce milk production.

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yuki- chan said...

igt kn ank sapo laa
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