Sunday, April 3, 2011

1st day...

Today is alya's 1st day at 'school'...hopefully she will be alright with the new environment, new friends and new teachers. Everything is new for her and ME!!! Always thinking of her. Is she doing well? Owh so miserable..

Masa kami nak tinggalkan dia tadi, dia xnangis pun..asyik main dengan friends.. I just called the nursery, and the teacher said she is sleeping..hihi nampak macam anak mama ni behave la..good girl and alya you should know that even mama tinggalkan alya di nursery or umah mok, mama always love you my sweetheart. Never forget you even a second. 

HOHO sy rindu sama budak itu lor.

Alya: Day 20

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