Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 1st Cloth Liner

I've joined Anic ClothPad Giveaway weeks ago, and thanks to Anic for her kindness of giving me a liner even i am not the winner. She gave it to me because of i never use the CP before and she generously give me the liner as a gift...waaa suka bangat deh :)

cakes on the liner???hmmm mcm sedap dimakan :p

3 ::ThoughT(s):: :

Anic said...

:) very happy to know that you have received the cloth pad..

Thanks for letting me know....

How come the pad looks so much nicer in your photo? :)

You take good photo!

NoEn said...

Thanks a lot anic!! not because of i took good photo but your pad itself is nice! seriously i mean it..mcm sy nk pakai..hehe

NoEn said...

***syg nak pakai