Saturday, July 16, 2011


Alya 'told' me that she is boring eating porridge..so yesterday i cooked her pasta. Spiral spaghetti mix up with chopped chicken, apple, kiwi and tomato. Hihi..this recipe created by alya's mom. the taste was sooo nyummy and she likes it..fuhhh nasib baik..

the ingredients:
an onion
a garlic
a slice of apple, kiwi, tomato (chopped)
1/2 cup of chopped chicken breast
1/2 cup of plain water
1 tbsp vegetable oil
a cup of spiral spaghetti (cooked)

Heat oil in pan, add garlic and onion (minced) saute until the color turns to yellowish.
Add chicken and water. Simmer for few minutes until the chicken is cooked.
Add spaghetti, apple, kiwi, tomato and stir it well. 
Ready to serve...walla..so easy right? you can try it for your baby.
even Alya already 1year 3month, i still do not add sugar and salt into her meals.

Alya is on her baby-led weaning training..hoho..i am not sure it is the right term or not. Alya is  eating by herself while mama just observed. mess? yeah for sure it will a lil bit messy but it's ok.. mama will clean it.

Alya is eating, mama is watching TV and observing alya.

last but not least

Mama, i want go out..please

The cheeky face

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ziraziz said...

that spaghetti look so yummmy... :P

umialya said...

alya mkn tak pelawa 'kakak alya' makan ye

NoEn said...

nyum..nyum..mmg sedap pun, ad rasa masam manis buah...hehe

kakak alya, jom la makan...kakak suruh umi buat eh..sedap..mama pun suka..kikiki

QasehnyaRania said...

boleh cuba ni..bagi anak2 kan..
tgk alya mkn pon berselera..
alhamdulillah :D