Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GMJ Craft Swap

Salam everyone!!! I've joined a craft swap(October) organized by GMJ Club (Geng Mesin Jahit Club)-fb group. The theme for this oct. swap was 'pouch'. So everyone who participate in this swap need to sew a pouch for the partner. We need to finish the pouch and post it to our partner in one month.

Alhamdulillah i received a clutch and small pouch from Fizan Sew Addict. I love them. Thanks to Fizan.. :D

pic: credit to Sew Addict

 And mine posted to Liza and she had received it. I sew a patchwork pouch. The patchwork has no theme, i never sew any patchwork before..hihi..thats why my patchwork so 'lintang pukang'..ngeh~~ I hand embroidery (gmj) at the pouch-sebagai kenangan..hehe
Hope liza will like it..sudilah terima hasil kerjatangan saya yang tak seberapa ni liza yer.

and as an extra gift, i also sew a dress for her little Nayde..hopefully this dress will fit to Nayde

Okay folks..see you another time..Have a nice day. Enjoy your day and life!!! 

Best tau join craft swap ni..boleh tambah kenalan dan kawan2 yang sama minat dengan kita :D..Semoga dapat join lagi craft swap next time 

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RynaHakimi said...

Alololo...comeynya pouch ngan baju tu..like3 =)

NoEn said...

@RynaHakimi Hihi..tq2

ummu muhammad said...

terernye noenn niii!!!! jelessssnyeee...!! ni kene wat GA ni.. ;p

NoEn said...

@ummu muhammad mane ade terer..biasa2 jer..insyaAllah niat hati nk wat jugak ga ni..sempena setahun berblogging..nk tanya pendapat bos besar dulu camne..hehe