Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Metro Bag

While i am searching for bag pattern, i came across to Tanya Whelan's blog, a creator of Grand Revival Design..Her fabrics are such a wonderful and attractive design..and i found that she is generously giving one of her patterns for free ^_____^

i would like to have this metro bag. love it when i saw it at the 1st time..seems easy to sew, so i wanna try to sew it..may be as a gift for myself or my sister.. *_*

 Tanya also have book for sale and will be released on end of this year!! "Sew What You Love - the easiest, prettiest project ever". you may have this book at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com

Tanya, thanks for your kindness and good luck ^_^..

please go ahead to Tanya's blog how to receive this wonderful beg pattern  (",)

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umialya said...

sesuai ntuk anak2 muda, cantik!!

NoEn said...

@umialya itu le kak..berkenan..rasa mcm senang jer nk jahit tu..tp tak tahu la..sy tak berapa pandai sgt bab jahit bag ni..hehe

MaDihAh said...

4 me pn boleh...
blh tmbh koleksi...huahua

NoEn said...

@MaDihAh huahua...org tu xemail pn lg..tak thu la dio perasan ke dop email aku tuh..huhu