Monday, April 16, 2012

Baba Alya turns 30

Happy Birthday to my other half a.k.a en.Wan a.k.a baba alya...semoga baba dipanjangkan umur, murah rezeki, dapat balik pindah sini dan tinggal bersama kami..hehe..beza birthday baba ngan alya cuma 5hari jer..ingat tak dulu baba nak alya lahir sama ngan baba..tapi alya dah tak sabar nak keluar tgk mama dia..hehe


Your birthday marks another year together
such happy times, I couldn't ask for more
Spending precious minutes, hours and days,
With you, my love whom I cherish and adore

We've shared so much, we two, in love and friendship
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow
I always want to be right next to you
To be with you means more than you can know

You're always there for me with a loving smile
I'm never happier than I know you're near
And yet I love you even more this year

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR...upss sorry mama tak kretif..xpandai nk buat card..huhu